About the Directory

History of the Directory

  • The Directory was started in Dorset approximately 20 years ago by a local businessman who saw the need after being asked if he knew of reliable tradesmen/businessmen. He saw this as an opportunity to help Christians in business and at the same time support Christian charities that local people were involved with.

What is the Directory

  • The Christian Business Directory is an A5 booklet where local Traders/Businesses can advertise their business.
    The directory is free and is delivered in Dorset/Hampshire in January.

Where can I find a copy of the Directory

  • Approximately 8,000 copies have been distributed to churches/centres in Dorset & Hampshire.

  • It is also available in the Keith Jones Christian Bookshop & Living Stones Christian Bookshop.

Why have a Directory

  • Local Christian traders/businesses pay to advertise in the directory, most of the advertisers advertise year after year as the advertising cost is kept as low as possible and they find it generates business.

  • People are able to use the directory to find a reputable worker/business -all the advertisers are asked to sign a statement of faith and obtain a church reference (also to confirm a relevant qualification if necessary).

  • The Christian Business Directory also supports Christian Charities, you can find the charities supported on this website.
    The people involved with these charities are or have been local.

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