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Alpha India Foundation

The Alpha India Foundation (AIF) is a locally based charity which supports needy children in India. The charity was set up over 10 years ago. It established and continues to run two foster homes in south east India. Most of the children have had a tragic start in life, but now live in a loving and caring home run by Christian foster parents. Their heart-rending stories tell of an early life of abuse, extreme poverty or abandonment, but thanks to this project they know that the Lord reaches out to them in times of despair.

The children are given a home for as long as they need it. They are not turned out the moment they are 18! AIF pays for their education in local Christian schools, where they are taught English which gives them good prospects for future careers. AIF is also supporting an older student who is in further education in India. It is a testament of the success of these homes that children who have grown up and left continue to maintain strong ties with the homes and visit their own families. The children attend a local family oriented church each week and receive a good grounding in Christian teachings and values, which gives them a solid basis for their future.

Children enjoying the beach

The charity is run entirely by a few local (Dorset) volunteers and costs are kept to a minimum so that over 90% of funds raised go directly to the projects. Trustees make an annual visit to oversee the work and know the children well. They are in contact by phone each week and are able to address issues promptly as they arise. In addition to the children’s work, the charity provides resources to disabled and destitute adults to enable them to earn a living and provide support to a low caste village nearby. These outreaches have included buying hand powered tricycles to people unable to walk, sewing machines to widows to enable them to financially support their families and digging a well for villagers cut off from their water supply by a new motorway.

As it is such a small charity, even the loss of one sponsor affects finances, although the Lord has truly been amazing at providing new sources of income over the years. The recession is biting and we urgently need to raise more funds in order to meet the monthly running costs of the homes. If you feel led to support us, please contact us at the address below. If you are unable to provide financial support in these difficult times, your help with fundraising would be just as much appreciated. Last but definitely not least, we welcome your prayers, the trustees issue a newsletter three times a year and would welcome new prayer support from interested parties. We are always happy to be given the opportunity to give talks and audio visual presentations at churches or other organisations.

Visit for more information, including how to donate.